Our ethics

An honest and human company that respects the environment to take care of you

Environmentally friendly

Taking care of ourselves and our environment. It is essential that we do not take advantage of the environment that gives us so much. We try our best to do respect the environment as much as possible to preserve its resources. Take a look at what we’ve done:


We don’t hide anything and we’re proud to show you all the ingredients that are in our care products. Our compositions are effective with no frills, we go straight to the point and chose the best natural and organic botanical active ingredients on the market.
Our blog is here to help you, to give you tips and to encourage you on your path towards natural dermo-cosmetics.


You won’t find any ingredients that are questionable or that pose health risks. The list of ingredients that you will find isn’t very long but here are a few examples of components that you will never find in éméo products:


Our care products are for everyone, with no gender separation. Our care products are made to take care of your skin whoever you are.


Our products are not cosmetics that are made to smell good and have a nice texture. Our care products have specific roles to play to calm, protect, treat and moisturize for health skin. We are available to talk and here to take care of you!

Our philosophy

Created by nature, formulated for you

Our dermo-cosmetic solutions using natural and organically certified ingredients to take care of stubborn skin

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