Why doesn’t eméo use droppers?

pipettes ou pompes

Dropper bottles are everywhere and very common with brands big and small. So why doesn’t eméo use pipettes?

éméo and dropper serums

When we first started our brand our serums were in droppers, I thought that was pretty and that it was more practical. But as time went on I thought about it and concluded that pump bottles were much more suitable for our formulations.

The problems with dropper bottles are

Oxidation of carrier oils

Oxidation of carrier oils

One of the main enemies is oxygen which will oxidise your oils and make them go rancid. Even before they go rancid they will oxidise and become harmful to your skin. Every time you open your bottle you expose your serum to a lot of oxygen. When using a pump bottle you do not completely remove the oxygen intake, but it is greatly reduced because you do not open the bottle completely. All our products also contain anti-oxidants to support the oils and slow down oxidation.

The risk of spillage

I have found myself spilling my serum many times. There is nothing worse than in the morning when you are in a hurry or not awake and you put the bottle on the edge of the sink or table and half the serum spills. What a mess and so frustrating

The risk of product contamination

Why doesn't éméo use droppers?

How often do I see photos or videos on the net of people applying their serums by touching their skin with the dropper? Slightly damp skin will bring water into your oily serum and risk contaminating it with bacteria.

Bacteria doesn’t grow in oil, it needs water to be able to grow. The same applies to moulds.

The drawback of pumps

  • There may be a little more plastic but this is negligible. I haven’t found a pump or anything else that was completely eco-friendly but believe me I’m always on the lookout for innovative packaging in terms of eco-friendliness
  • Purchase cost is higher
  • In terms of aesthetics and photography for social media it is less “pretty”.

So pumps or droppers?

Personally the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you, our customers. You have a protected and effective treatment for as long as possible and no frustrations with a spilled product! For these reasons, éméo does not use droppers for their serums.

What are your thoughts?

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Charlotte JULIEN

Charlotte JULIEN

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