Let yourself be seduced by the makeup range from LILY LOLO. You will love the great selection of mineral makeup, perfectly suited for all skin colours and types.  

Mineral powder Stardust

Mineral powder sparkling Stardust, illuminates the tops of the cheekbones
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CHF 21.00

Brush ombreur Lily Lolo

The Brush Eyelid Ombreur for an intense effect in the hollow of the eyelids..
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CHF 9.50

Set of 10 Brushes Deluxe

Collection of 10 Brushes Deluxe in a beautiful pouch in leather.
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CHF 78.00

Brush range

Fantail brush to smooth gently into your blush, tanner or illuminator,
Will be back soon
CHF 10.00

Naked Pink Duo

Naked Pink with shades of powdery pink gives you the choice between a matt finish or satin
CHF 23.85

Coralista Duo

Blush in Coralista Duo gives you the choice between a matt finish or satin
Last items in stock
CHF 23.85

Lip brush

Brush for the application of lipstick with a hood built in.
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CHF 9.50

Palette Laid Bare

Palette of eyeshadows in tones of beige and taupe.
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CHF 31.50

Powder brush

Powder brush soft to apply your powder finish for a perfect complexion.
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CHF 16.00

Baby Buki Brush

Mini brush with rounded edges to apply your foundation. Ideal size for putting in your handbag
CHF 13.50

Corrector Compact Pistachio

Corrector Compact "Pistachio" anti-redness. Neutralizes redness, imperfections, and acne ”
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CHF 14.50


The illminateur of Lily Lolo gives a rainbow effect to give it a bang
CHF 22.10

BB Cream Lily Lolo

Halfway between foundation and tinted cream, BB cream natural LILY LOLO evens skin tone and blurs imperfections (spots, pimples, redness)
Will be back soon
CHF 19.00

Gloss Natural lip

59-0/Bitten Pink
Gloss Natural, lip, slightly chocolatey thanks to the Cocoa butter. The gloss is rich in vitamin E and jojoba oil to nourish your kisses
CHF 13.50

Powder Finish

16-0/Flawless Matt
Powder delicate finish, it helps your makeup last longer and minimizes imperfections and fine lines.
Will be back soon
CHF 22.62

Blush Mineral Compact Lily Lolo

72-0/Tickled Pink
Blush Natural Compacts Lily Lolo are perfect to add a touch of colour to your cheeks and brighten your face !
CHF 16.80

Eye shadow eyelid Mineral compact

14-0/Buttered Up
Eyeshadow compact Lily Lolo. Ideal for a natural look in the daytime, and the eyes splendid for all occasions.
CHF 12.50

Sunbathing Mineral

76-0/Bondi Bronze
The sunbathing mineral Lily Lolo offers you a tan that is a natural with his pigments 100% minerals.
CHF 22.62

Pencil for the lips

LLIPS-0/Crayon Nude
Pencil mineral for the lips in three shades
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CHF 12.39

Blush Mineral Lily Lolo

79-0/Beach Babe
A blush Mineral light and silky in different colors, available in matte and reflects light for all the looks.
CHF 15.30

Collection of Mini Brushes

8 Mini Makeup Brushes Lily Lolo in this beautiful pouch perfect to store and carry everywhere
Last items in stock
CHF 32.00

Makeup Mist

The mist fixating make-up Lily Lolo is the last essential step to set your makeup.
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CHF 15.50
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