Self tanning for the Body

Discover the amazing self tanning natural products by our partner brand Eco by Sonya

Self-tan Winter skin

The self-tan organic Winter Skin care beauty essential of the skin clear. Its fluid texture spreads easily on the face and body and leaves a tan-subtle and natural that increases gradually
CHF 41.00

Foam autobronzante Cocoa

The foam autobronzante cocoa-Eco By Sonya offers you an attractive complexion is bronzed and tanned in 1 to 4 hours.
CHF 42.00

Invisible Tan Self Tanner

Fluid self-tan Eco By Sonya is an organic skincare with natural actives to give a tan (not orange) to your skin.
CHF 44.00

Water Complexion Face

For a tan natural and progressive take the water of skin tone organic facial Eco By Sonya.
CHF 41.75
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