What solutions for combination skin?

Soins peaux mixtes

For this article I decided to take a case study of a person with combination skin to help you eventually find your skin care routine.

Peaux mixte

Combination skin is the type of skin that I most often encounter in the shop and during the questions that I am asked on the blog or by email. For me, it’s “normal” skin because that’s what I see the most, but according to a study 42% have normal skin and 17% have combination skin in France. Do the Swiss have more mixed skin or is it a specification of my clients?

And finally what is normal? That’s why on my website I talk about a balanced skin for normal skin. I hope I haven’t lost you in my first paragraph!

Description of the skin problem

I did your online diagnosis (Skin Type) and the results indicate that I have an oily skin type (I would say more of a combination skin type as my T-zone is quite shiny but the rest of my face is quite dry with some large pores on my cheeks).
In addition, the diagnosis indicates that I have a sensitive skin type (I used drugstore products for a long time but they dried out my skin); pigmented (with a few spots due to secondary acne on my face and shoulders and décolleté). Finally, the diagnosis indicates that my skin is not wrinkled. I am 21 years old so I think this makes sense.
This is my diagnosis. Would it be possible for you to advise me on the appropriate serum I could use to address these few imperfections?”

The issues to be resolved

  • Combination to oily skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Acne spots (scars)

Methods for solving skin problems

To treat your skin naturally with oils, you need to know which oils have which virtues. Its composition is very important (fatty acids, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, healing), its origin (North, Europe, Africa etc.) and its comedogenicity among others.

For example Rosehip oil is fantastic for scars and would be great for removing old acne marks but in our case this is not the right oil because it is comedogenic and we already have combination to oily skin.

Huile de rose musquée

A suitable serum should have the right proportions of oils for the skin type. You will not choose the same oils in the same proportions for oily skin as for dry skin for example. It is also important to target the problems you want to solve. It is not possible to deal with 10 problems at the same time and it is better to tackle a maximum of 4 problems at a time.

If you have wrinkles, redness and dry skin for example. Focus on the dry skin and redness first, the oils will only help to reduce the fine lines anyway. What’s more important is to maintain your hydration.

Every problem has its solution!

First element: Skin type

Combination to oily skin: Jojoba oil is fantastic because it is very close to the natural composition of sebum and helps to rebalance the skin and grapeseed oil tightens pores

Second element: Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin: In this case it seems that the skin has become very reactive due to conventional cosmetics. An anti-inflammatory and calming oil is Hemp oil, which soothes and reduces redness and evens out the skin tone. Sea Buckthorn oil is also superb for irritated and sensitive skin. I am convinced that even if you don’t necessarily target sensitive skin, but only switch to natural and organic emo products, your skin will calm down and become more resistant to external aggressions.

Third element: Scars, spots

Acne scars: Nigella oil is ideal for this problem as it reduces the scars caused by acne. Fruit acids and gentle exfoliants also help to remove dead skin and stimulate skin regeneration.

My skincare routine recommendations for combination skin

The following products are suitable for her skin:

It is true that the Alpha-lift serum is more for slightly more mature skin because it boosts collagen and at 21 this is not a concern, however the fruit acids in the serum would be beneficial for scars. The Equilibrium serum is also a perfect fit.

How do I use eméo skin care products?

The routine is simple in three steps:

  1. Start by cleansing your skin with liniment on a cotton pad. It gently removes make-up and cleanses without stripping the skin.
  2. 2. Spray the lotion on a cotton pad or directly on the skin and wipe well all over. This helps to balance the pH of the skin and it helps to balance sebum production.
  3. Then put 2 pumps of serum in the palm of your hand and gently massage the treatment all over your face, neck and décolletage.

And that’s it, no cream or other care. Wait a few minutes before applying a mineral foundation so that the serum penetrates the skin if you are going to wear make-up.

Important things to remember!

Eliminate all conventional cosmetics including makeup.

Aloe Vera gel twice a week to deep cleanse the pores and exfoliate the skin without harming it. Apply between lotion and serum (do not rinse, wait 5 minutes before applying serum)

Use Lily Lolo makeup which is mineral and will not cancel out the benefits of the oils. The foundations also have an anti-microbial action which is a plus!

Sometimes there can be what is called the rebound effect where the skin gets worse before it gets better. You have to be patient and the skin will regain its balance.

What is your skin type?




Votre peau vous tiraille, vous avez des boutons, des rides de l'eczéma et une ribambelle d'autres problèmes de peau? Vous ne savez plus comment y faire face, vous avez essayez des centaines de produits mais sans jamais voir de résultats! Nous ressentons votre frustration, inquiétude, mal être et nous allons vous aider a y remédier, nous avons des solutions à vos problèmes.

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